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What Features to Look For In the Best Android Golf Smartwatches 2018

These days, it’s all about what can help you manage your life better–from productivity to health and fitness. Technology has allowed for gadgets to evolve into smaller and handier devices to help you live a better life. If before only smartphones with smart apps were available, now, everybody’s looking into getting the latest GPS golf smartwatch.

Smartwatches are like smartphones but instead of keeping it in your bag or pocket when you don’t use it, it comes handy as it can be worn on your wrist. It takes the hassle of getting your phone from your purse or bag, in it on your hand when you access and use it. Most smartwatches carry almost all the necessary apps you need on a daily basis.

Features of an Android smartwatch range from giving you notifications and alerts to monitoring your activity and health. If you’re looking for a smartwatch that does everything you might want to pay special attention if the smartwatch offers these features:

• Calling – top of the line smartwatches can now be used to make calls. It uses the same number as your smartphone. Even if your phone is left at home, as long as it has power and a connection, you can answer calls from your smartwatch anywhere you are.


• Mobile Payments – there are smartwatches with built-in NFC chips, which can be used to pay in stores that support Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

• Activity Tracking – most smartwatches have the ability to monitor your heart rate and activities such as how many steps you have already walked or monitor your sleep, and will even connect to your golf shoes - see Best Golf Shoes Online 2018.

• Notifications – getting SMS, social media, and appointment alerts

• Downloadable apps – top of the line smartwatches can now download useful apps that can help you get around the city and/or make your day more productive.